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Los Angeles Times Editorial: Farmworkers are treated unfairly in California. Sacramento has a chance to right that wrong
The workers in California’s sprawling agricultural fields perform some of the most arduous labor in the state, often in intense heat in the summertime, and often six days a week. Yet for bizarre historical reasons,...
TAKE ACTION: CA farm worker overtime bill to reach Assembly Appropriations Committee Friday “It’s very tiring to work 10 hours, then have to work another two to three hours extra. The body doesn’t handle it. If we could get a law for eight hours and after that the hours would be paid extra for the field work in California, it would be a great relief to all the farm workers.” --Salvador Rodriguez
Join us: President Bill Clinton rallies with farm workers & supporters at UFW Bakersfield convention Sunday, May 22
Sign the pledge: CA farm workers deserve the same overtime as other workers
Two years?! You gotta be kidding!
Why did Gerawan immediately send peach workers back to work after the Feb 22 pesticide incident?