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Immigration: Farm Workforce Modernization Act


  • Latest UFW Immigration News *Updated regularly
  • FACT SHEET:The Farm Workforce Modernization Act: A Bipartisan Bill that Would Provide a Path to
    Immigration Status for Agricultural Workers and Revise the H-2A Program (flyer)
  • H.R.5038 – To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide for terms and conditions for nonimmigrant workers performing agricultural labor or services, and for other purposes.
  • House Approves Right to Earn Legal Status For Undocumented Farm Workers
  • Office of US Rep Zoe Lofgren: Bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act Passes House Judiciary Committee
  • Farm workers and advocates help forge compromise bill providing legal status to immigrant farm workers during months of tough talks with growers & lawmakers from both parties
  • US House of Representatives: Bipartisan House Members Introduce Farm Workforce Modernization Act
  • Know your rights: Emergency plan in case of deportation of relatives /
    Plan de emergencia en caso de deportación de familiares
  • Know your rights: what to do if immigration knocks on your door/Conozca sus derechos: conozca sus derechos: que hacer si inmigracion toca su puerta
  • Know your rights: How to choose a legal representative for immigration case /Como escoger un representante legal para su caso de inmigracion
  • DACA Court decision. What does it mean?
  • Agricultural Worker Program Act of 2019
  • Agricultural Worker Program Act of 2017
  • Senate Immigration Bill (S.744 Complete Text)
  • Senate Immigration Bill (S.744 2 Page Summary)
  • Cesar Chavez and UFW: longtime champions of immigration reform
  • AgJOBS Basic Facts (112 Congress)
  • Other Information