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Senate vote imminent: Act to save highest-paying domestic farm jobs

UFW Statement On Killings of Farm Workers in Half Moon Bay

Keene, CA –
In response to the reported killings of 7 farm workers and the wounding of several more in the Half Moon Bay, California area, the UFW issued the following statement.

The mass shooting spree that has left 7 farm workers dead in California leaves us heartbroken, angry, and demanding answers. As we wait for more news, the entire UFW mourns the loss of 7 farm workers. While we did not know them, they were part of the too often invisible, yet always essential, agricultural workforce that feeds America and the world. As farm workers, and as human beings, they deserved far better. We dream of a nation in which all farm workers – regardless of their ethnicity or national origin – are treated with dignity, in which our streets no longer bear bloodshed after bloodshed, and in which our hearts have a moment to heal in between breaking.