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Senate vote imminent: Act to save highest-paying domestic farm jobs

UFW Endorses Rudy Salas For Congress

Delano, CA – The United Farm Workers of America are once again endorsing Rudy Salas for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District of California. CA-22 is a rural, majority Latino district with some of the highest poverty rates in the country. The district is also the cradle of the farmworker movement, including Delano where the UFW was founded.

In the State Assembly, Rudy Salas was a champion for farmworkers, helping pass equal overtime pay and stronger heat protections for farm workers. As retaliation for his pro-worker votes, Rudy Salas faced a tough and well-financed effort to unseat him in 2018. The UFW helped Rudy defeat that attempt to remove him from Sacramento, including by mobilizing farm worker membership. The UFW is now committed to once again mobilize farm workers to help win Rudy Salas win a seat in Congress.

“As the son of farmworkers, who worked in the grape fields himself growing up, Rudy Salas understands on a personal level what farmworkers in the Central Valley experience,” said UFW President Teresa Romero. “That’s a perspective that’s very much missing in the halls of Congress, but one that’s all too familiar for the residents of California’s 22nd district. Rudy Salas remembers where he comes from, who he is, and why he got into politics in the first place: to serve the hardworking families like his own that are the backbone of California’s agricultural industry. The people who call the Central Valley home deserve a true champion for workers and immigrants as our representative in Congress. That is why the UFW is committed to working hard, educating our members, families, and communities, and knocking on lots of doors to elect Rudy Salas in 2024.”