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UFW Endorses Frausto, Vasquez, and Galvan for Sunnyside City Council

Sunnyside, WA – The United Farm Workers is endorsing three candidates for Sunnyside City Council. Home to thousands of farm worker families and located in the center of the Yakima Valley’s intensive agricultural industry, Sunnyside is the heart of the UFW movement in the state of Washington. As the location of the Windmill Mushroom Farm, Sunnyside is also where many of the mushroom workers involved in the ongoing fight for union recognition live. Having local elected officials who support farm workers and their right to a union is critical for helping empower the farm worker community to stand up for themselves and their families.

The UFW endorsed candidates for Sunnyside City Council are: 

  • Virginia “Vicky” Frausto for Sunnyside City Council District 3
  • Keren J. Vazquez for Sunnyside City Council District 5
  • Jorge Galvan for Sunnyside City Council District 7

“The Latino community in Sunnyside has long been the pillar of the Yakima Valley’s agricultural economy,” said UFW President Teresa Romero. “We are proud to support Vicky, Karen, and Jorge in their campaigns for the Sunnyside City Council. This is a campaign that goes beyond any single candidate. This is a campaign that, together with our ongoing fight for union recognition at Windmill Farms, represents a community in Sunnyside that is organizing, that is asserting itself, and that is demanding the power and recognition it deserves.”