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Senators Must ‘Be On Right Side of History by Supporting a Clean Budget Resolution’

The U.S. Senate to begin consideration of the first phase of the budget reconciliation package this evening

WASHINGTON, DC – Today as members of Congress make amendments to the budget resolution, the UFW Foundation, United Farm Workers and farm workers across the country remind the Senate of the contributions the people that feed us have made to the country during the pandemic, and long before.

Farm workers have been fighting for nearly 20 years to achieve legalization and they expect the Senate to pass a budget resolution that includes a path to legal permanent residence for farm workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and essential workers. Farm workers, the people that the nation relies on for its food security, urge members of the Senate to pass a clean budget resolution and oppose any efforts to include anti-immigrant amendments.

Proposed amendments that are introduced onto the budget resolution will trigger a vote-a-rama. Vote-a-rama is when each amendment is considered and voted on for about 10 minutes until they are finished with all amendments.

UFW Foundation Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres, said:

“The food Senators eat comes from the hands of farm workers, many who are undocumented immigrants and deserve to have a pathway to citizenship. Farm workers and immigrants are vital  to our food security and economy.  Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent or a Republican, you’ve relied on immigrant labor, throughout the pandemic and long before.  When considering amendments to the budget resolution, Senators should know that farmworkers are watching and will expect them to be on the right side of history by opposing anti-immigrant and anti-worker amendments in the budget resolution package.”

United Farm Workers President Teresa Romero, said:

“Farm workers have been told many times in the past year that their work is essential. They have continued to do the grueling, dangerous work of feeding America. We expect the Senate to vote with this essential workforce in mind, and to hold firm against any amendments that devalue the work, sacrifice and dignity of our communities.”