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Alejandra Cortez, Tomatoes

From Our Hands to Your Tables: Alejandria Cortez has harvested tomatoes at the San Joaquin Tomato 10 years I’ve worked for 10 years. She says, “I give thanks to the United Farm Workers for fighting for the rights of all farmworkers, because of the union we have water and shade in the fields. Before the union arrived at the company San Joaquin Tomato, the farm labor contractor wouldn’t clean the restrooms, we didn’t matter to them. When the union arrived and negotiated our contract, then they started having a permanent person to clean the restrooms. We now have sufficient water to wash our hands and sufficient towels to dry our hands. The restrooms are cleaned daily and we are never without toilet paper. I give thanks to the United Farm Workers for coming to the company San Joaquin Tomato and educating the farm labor contractor.” #ThankAFarmWorker #WeFeedYou