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Workers protest today over Gerawan’s failure to recall union supporters for pruning

2 p.m. today at corporate headquarters
Workers protest today over Gerawan’s
failure to recall union supporters for pruning

UFW filed charges with farm labor board—on top of three
complaints for company law violations issued by state this year

Fresno, CA—Dozens of Gerawan Farms Inc. workers will protest outside corporate headquarters in Fresno on Thursday over the huge grower’s refusal to recall pro-union workers, including UFW leaders among the work force, during the pruning season. The United Farm Workers also filed formal charges with the Agricultural Labor Relations Board over Gerawan’s alleged illegal discrimination against the workers because of their support for the union.

The normal practice was for the employees to be recalled to their jobs in the pruning in late October or November. The UFW sent a list of eligible workers to Gerawan, asking they be recalled. There was no response. Dozens have not been put back to work, including Gerawan employees such as Rafael Marquez, part of the 25-member union bargaining committee who sat through every negotiating session and meeting between the company and the state mediator.

According to the complaints—tantamount to indictments—filed by the Agricultural Labor Relations Board general counsel, the giant Fresno-based company has bullied its workers by illegally instigating and supporting two attempts to decertify the UFW. The three complaints issued by the board’s general counsel between May and October 2013 accuse Gerawan of multiple and serious violations of California’s farm labor law.

WHO:  Dozens of Gerawan farm workers and community supporters, including UFW worker leader Rafael Marquez, who sat in on every negotiating session.

WHAT:  Protest over the company’ alleged discrimination against pro-union workers by refusing to recall them for the pruning season.

WHEN:  2 p.m., Monday, December 23, 2013.

WHERE:  7108 N. Fresno, St., Suite 450, Fresno 93720.