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UFW Pres. Teresa Romero courting arrest during Labor Day march for Kaiser healthcare workers

United Farm Workers President Teresa Romero will court arrest in Los Angeles on Monday morning, Labor Day, after joining a contingent of farm workers union members marching to support thousands of Kaiser Permanente healthcare employees protesting the mammoth corporation’s labor practices and demanding a new contract.

Romero, the first Latina immigrant to lead a national union, and the UFW members will accompany other marches down Vermont Ave. beginning about 9 a.m. At an intersection along Vermont, some 50 marchers, including Romero, are expected to court arrest by forming a circle and sitting down to engage in civil disobedience. It will be the first time Romero, who assumed the union presidency late last year, will be arrested in a civil-disobedience demonstration.

Kaiser workers say the “non-profit” healthcare corporation has abandoned its mission of serving communities and is focusing instead on enriching top executives. That is causing Kaiser to raise prices on patients, undermine quality healthcare and refuse to bargain in good faith with its workers’ union, SEIU-UHW.

Who: UFW President Teresa Romero, a group of farm workers union members.

What: Marching with Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers and other supporters; Romero will join dozens of marchers planning to engage in civil disobedience along the march route.

When: Starting at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 2, 2019 (Labor Day)

Where: Marchers begin at 4133 Marathon St., Los Angeles 90029.