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Tuesday  at 6 p.m. in Madera: UFW members’ children awarded $1,000 ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarships

Madera, Calif.— Proud farm workers protected by United Farm Workers contracts will look on as UFW Regional Director Antonio Cortes presents $1,000 ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarships to each of four children of UFW members at 6 p.m. on Tuesday Sept. 19, 2017 in Madera. The recipients are Abraham Garcia Farfan, Octavio Garcia Farfan, Israel Rocha De La Rosa and Alfredo Arana. This is one of three similar ceremonies being held across California.

Abraham and Octavio Garcia Farfan are both sons of Octavio Garcia Leal, a UFW member at the Wonderful Co. Octavio is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley. This is his fourth year as a recipient of a ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarship. Abraham is a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles. This is his first year as a recipient of the scholarship.

Israel Rocha De La Rosa is the son of Maria D. Angeles De La Rosa, a union member at Pacific Triple E. He is a junior at California State University, Fresno and this is his first year as a recipient of the ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarship.

Alfredo Arana’s father, Genaro Arana, is a UFW member at Montpellier Orchard Management Co. Alfredo is a senior at California State University, Fresno. This is his second year as a recipient of the ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarship award.

The scholarship program was established by union members to support students who demonstrate a commitment to completing their educations in spite of financial hardships. The awards are intended to help them achieve their educational goals and can be applied towards any education-related costs, including textbooks, lab fees, uniforms and other expenses. The ¡Si Se Puede!® scholarships are made possible by generous commitments from the UFW membership.

Other awards ceremonies under the UFW scholarship program are taking place in Livingston and Salinas.

 Who: UFW Regional Director Antonio Cortes, four children of union members who are recipients of the UFW scholarship program, their family members, union members and retirees.

What: Presentation of ¡Si Se Puede!®  scholarships made available by contributions from UFW members under union contracts.

When:  6 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017.

Where: UFW Regional Office, 450 So. Madera Ave., Madera 93638