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Starbucks: Stop Ignoring Farm Workers – and the Rest of Us!

Take one minute to watch a moving new video on the dairy worker campaign

New video highlights dairy workers’ stories of sexual harassment & new ways you can help.


Farm workers are making today a national day of action in support of dairy workers! 

Today Washington state dairy workers who milk the cows that supply many Starbucks with milk are having a “Day of Action” to call attention to their plight. These workers have faced sexual harassment, tragic accidents, wage theft, and other abuses. Many of these workers have even been retaliated against for speaking out and some have even been sued. 

We’re hearing reports from friends all over the US and even Mexico who have taken action to help these dairy workers. Won’t you help too? Even if you have helped, can you take the next step? Let’s give Starbucks a strong message that as a major buyer of Darigold products, they MUST take social responsibility for the products they use to make profits from. 

Farm workers are making today a national day of action in support of dairy workers! You can too. It’s really easy!!!

1. If you are on Facebook or Twitter just Share/Retweet the workers’ video and tell your friends to watch and help get the workers’ message out. Make sure your post is public.

2. If you have a bit of extra time, write your own comments to the retweet/share. Tag @Starbucks, @Darigold and please use the hashtags #DarigoldDozen and #GotAbuse in what you write.

3. Tell the world you support dairy workers. We made it easy. All you need to do is print out one of these “I support dairy workers” signs, take a selfie and post it tagging @Starbucks, @Darigold. Another option is to post this picture of the sign with your statement.

4. If you’re not on social media – or even if you are – supporters like yourself can help amplify dairy workers’ voices by printing out this flyer, taking it to your local Starbucks and giving it to the manager on duty. Any questions? Click to read the FAQ. Please let us know how the store responds. (volante en español, FAQ en español)

Help these dairy workers get Starbucks corporate executives’ attention by taking action today. 

Thank you for caring!

PS: If you can, please chip in to help us cover the cost of producing this video and buying the ads because as you can guess this is expensiv