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Leobardo Padilla, Almonds, Modesto CA

Leobardo Padilla shares, “I have worked in the almond fields for Montpelier Orchards for 36 years now. The UFW has always been here. I recall that prior to the union, the workers were treated badly, they used short handled hoes, and bad pesticides were being used. However, because of the union, we, the workers are treated with respect and are treated better. We also get benefits, such as the RFK health plan. The health plan has benefitted the workers. We are also happy with the fact that we have the option to set money aside into a pension plan that will help us later on when we retire. Another great benefit from the union is the opportunity to attend meetings and events that the union makes possible. I have learned a lot from those meetings and conferences. I have been here for a very long time, I even remember the times when Cesar Chavez would visit.” #WeFeedYou