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Juvenal Martínez, Tomato

I give thanks to working under a union contract with the United Farm Workers because I no longer have to purchase my gloves, before I paid out of pocket for them. I now save $240.00 for the entire 5 months of the harvest season. — Juvenal Martinez, Tomato Picker, San Joaquin Tomato Company #WeFeedYou #ThankAFarmworker / Agradezco poder trabajar bajo un contrato sindical con la Unión de Campesinos porque ya no tengo que comprar mis guantes, anteriormente tenía que comprarlos. Ahora ahorro $240.00 por los 5 meses que dura la cosecha. — Juvenal Martínez, cosechador del tomate, San Joaquin Tomato Company #WeFeedYou #ThankAFarmworker — From Our Hands to Your Tables