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Inez Garcia, Gerawan worker

Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day. Today we ask you to take a moment and read the story of women who labor picking fruit at Gerawan by reading the Mother’s Day blog that Cesar’s widow Helen Chavez published in @ or read it in spanish on Mamá @ You can read about Inez Garcia, whose story was shared in Helen’s blog here: “During the picking of the peach we used very large ladders and we had to move them in the rows, go up and down the ladder while carrying two buckets full of fruit. The worst part of this was the men that were like two rows away from me were picking at $11.00 dollars an hour and I was doing the same work and getting paid $9.00 dollars an hour…. As a woman and a single mother I’ve felt my life has been very hard what else can I do, but continue suffering and working because if I don’t who will support me? I’m making this information public because Mother’s Day is near and I want the world to know how much a woman suffers and also a farm worker mother here in the San Joaquin Valley.”