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UFW backs Hickenlooper, a partner for farm workers earning equal rights to overtime pay and a legal immigration process

America’s agricultural workers need former Governor John Hickenlooper in the United States Senate because “he will be a partner in helping them earn equal rights to overtime pay and a legal immigration process,” United Farm Workers President Teresa Romero stated in announcing the union’s endorsement of his candidacy.

“As governor and mayor, John Hickenlooper demonstrated his commitment to the fight for equality and built a record of solving difficult problems,” Romero affirmed. “He understands that the professional and essential farm workers whose skill and hard work feed America have earned equal rights and protections other American workers have enjoyed for generations. A Senator Hickenlooper can work to achieve for all farm workers in Colorado and America the same overtime pay after eight hours a day that the UFW won in California in 2016.  Electing John Hickenlooper to the U.S. Senate will also bring farm workers and farmers in Colorado and the nation closer to winning a sane, legal immigration system that supports the people who feed us.

“We need leadership that respects the roles and contributions of all Americans and genuinely values those who feed us,” Romero said. “Beginning with early voting on October 19 through the final day of voting on November 3, we will work to mobilize farm workers and other women and men of good will to elect John Hickenlooper as the next senator from Colorado.

“I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the United Farm Workers — a historic organization founded by legends César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, and other incredible organizers,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted who our essential workers are and how crucial it is that we protect them. Senator Gardner has undermined workers’ safety by standing idly by as President Trump failed to lead during this crisis, putting millions of our essential workers and farmers at risk. In the Senate I’ll fight shoulder to shoulder with the folks of UFW to protect our farmers, deliver for immigrant communities, and build back better from this pandemic.”