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Act Now: Tell your US Rep farm workers deserve overtime

Fresno Catholic Bishops Brennan & Ochoa will join and bless Day 9 of UFW march when it enters Calwa as community enthusiasm builds

End-of-day rally & reception to draw 300-plus peregrinos (pilgrims)

Calwa, Calif.Joining the final mile on Day 9 of the United Farm Workers’ 24-day, 335-mile “March for the Governor’s Signature” as it arrives in Calwa on Thursday afternoon will be Fresno Catholic Bishop Joseph V. Brennan and Bishop Emeritus Armando Xavier Ochoa. They will unite with the farm worker peregrinos (pilgrims) as they pass St. Anthony Mary Claret Church at around 4 p.m. and bless the marchers along with more than 300 supporters as the daily trek ends at the Calwa Recreation and Park District, 4545 East Church Ave. Bishop Jaime Soto with the Sacramento Diocese will also march closer to the Capital City and the third Central Valley Catholic Diocese, in Stockton, has been supportive too.

Community enthusiasm across the state is building around the march. Hundreds are greeting marchers along the route and joining end-of-day rallies in Central Valley farm towns. Committees are being formed in each town and area through which the march is moving to provide food, water, cold drinks, shoes and other supplies, plus housing. Nurses are tending to health needs. Supporters from near and far are turning out to hand out water, drinks, and food as the marchers pass by.

The peregrinacion (pilgrimage) aims to convince Governor Gavin Newsom to sign AB 2183, the UFW’s Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act that would give more choices to farm workers so they can vote for a union free from intimidation.

For more context on AB 2183 and the growing ‘March for the Governor’s Signature’ visit:

Who:   Fresno Catholic Bishop Joseph V. Brennan and Bishop Emeritus Armando Xavier Ochoa, UFW President Teresa Romero, farm worker marchers, 300-plus supporters.

What:  Walking and blessing marchers on the last mile of Day 9 of the UFW’s 24-day, 335-mile “March for the Governor’s Signature.”

Where:            Day’s trek starts at City Heritage Park, Parlier, 93648, and ends at Calwa Recreation and Park District, 4545 E. Church Ave., Fresno 93725

Bishops Brennan & Ochoa join the march as it passes St. Anthony Mary Claret Church, 2494 So. Chestnut Ave. #1734, Fresno 93725.

When: Bishops Brennan and Ochoa join the march at approximately 4 p.m.; march ends for the day at about 4:40 p.m. on Thursday, August 11, 2022.