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August 3-26: Farm workers march Delano to Sacramento for rights to voting choices

In California, farm workers are marching from Delano to Sacramento during August to win the same voting choices in their elections to choose a union that all state political voters have long enjoyed. This “March for the Governor’s Signature” up the Central Valley during the extreme summer heat is to convince Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign AB 2183, the United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation’s Agricultural Labor Relations Voting Choice Act.

The fight to preserve voting rights against Republican voter suppression is underway nationwide. The bill would give more choices to farm workers so they can vote free from intimidation. Farm workers would be able to vote in secret whenever and wherever they feel safe. AB 2183 offers the same voting choices Gov. Newsom used to defeat the GOP recall election in September 2021. Yet, that month he vetoed last year’s farm worker voting choice bill.

The route for this march or peregrinacion (pilgrimage) of sacrifice—through 24 valley cities and towns—has been announced. Each community is forming town committees to host the marchers or peregrinos (pilgrims). Community members and organizations in each town will supply key support: a morning blessing when marchers depart; organizing residents to participate and help; providing food, water and housing for the marchers.

Gov. Newsom proclaimed Aug. 26 California farm worker appreciation day. He can show his appreciation by signing AB 2183.