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Take action to stop Trump Admin’s H2-A proposal which could slash wages for both US & foreign farm workers

Stand up for Dreamers and call your Senator today.

The situation for Dreamers is critical. Congress MUST stop their political games and step in. With every passing day, another 100+ youth lose their protections and risk deportation. More than 17,000 have already lost their status and are living in fear of being forced to leave the country they have always called home. Will you help them?
Last Thursday, Trump’s white nationalist White House — led by 32-year old anti-immigrant zealot Stephen Miller — leaked news of a new proposal they plan to announce. We wish this was a good thing, but the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board got it right in Friday’s editorial entitled “This isn’t an immigration plan, it’s a ransom note.”
We need you to pick up a phone and call 877-960-3351 right now and tell your Senators not to let Trump and Miller use the vulnerability of Dreamers to railroad America into betraying who we are as a nation and as people. We have to get the message through loud and clear before the Senate reconvenes on this issue, which will be on or before Feb. 8.
This plan is part of a scheme to exploit a crisis Trump and Miller themselves incited by ending the DACA program last September, placing some 800,000 young Dreamers at risk of deportation. This new proposal holds Dreamers hostage in exchange for slashing legal family immigration and supplying billions of taxpayer dollars to build Trump’s despicable wall and dramatically increase deportations. (Click here to read the UFW press release with more specific details.)
We will never surrender to such intolerance. Polls show 87% of the American people support a real solution for the Dreamers. Last week it looked like Congress was finally going to get the job done. A majority in the Senate refused to kick the can down the road by insisting a bill for Dreamers must be voted on before they would fund the government. However, by Monday Dreamers were again disappointed when the Senate passed a continuing resolution to fund the government until February 8.
We need you to take 5 minutes right now and call your Senator and say when the issue comes to the floor on February 8 or before you expect them to quit the political games and take a stance for Dreamers. The only fair and equitable answer—that the great majority of Americans already support—is the narrow, bipartisan compromise that would combine smart border security measures with enactment of the clean Dream Act.
Sample message for Senators who held the line and stood up for Dreamers on Jan. 22

CA: Feinstein, Harris, CT: Blumenthal, Murphy, HI: Hirono, MA: Markey, Warren, MT: Tester, NJ: Booker, Menendez, NV: Cortez Masto, NY: Gillibrand, OR: Merkley, Wyden, VT: Leahy, Sanders

Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. I want to thank Senator ______ for voting against Trump’s divisive agenda. Dreamers, children, veterans, families, and communities devastated by natural disasters across the country need you to continue standing with them. I am proud that my Senator is standing up against these politics of hatred and division.

Sample message for Senators who did not vote to stand up for Dreamers on Jan. 22

All other Senators except the ones
listed on the left column.

Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. I urge Senator ____ to take a stand against the politics of hatred and division by supporting a clean Dream Act.  Every day that Congress fails to act, 122 DACA recipients lose their status. The Dream Act has overwhelming support from the American public and is the only bipartisan solution that makes sense. Please pass the Dream Act now.

Thank you.